A lack of knowledge among the public and physicians about the appearance of skin Ca in darker skin contributes to worse outcomes (1,500 words, 8 minutes)
Cultural factors, biased measuring tools may lead to underestimated impact of AD on quality of life in non-White patients (1,850 words, 9 minutes)
Scoping review suggests more attention to cutaneous complications of diabetes is needed (1,900 words, 9 minutes)
Room to improve in areas of prevention and treatment of unwanted excess pigmentation (1,800 words, 9 minutes)
Today’s report also covers adverse effects of anti-interleukin-23 agents, risk factors for diagnosis of PsA, PsO, RA and AS, and more (1,400 words, 7…
Patients may prefer dermatologists who look like them, but all dermatologists have a duty to pursue medical and cultural knowledge to effectively care…
Indigenous patients and others outside urban centres are at higher risk of diabetic foot ulcers and need additional resources for effective management…
Socioeconomic factors are driving up the prevalence of allergic conditions in Northern Canada, but long distances and a lack of testing facilities make…
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