Little data exists on HS in Arab and South Asian patients, despite its prevalence in those populations (1,400 words, 7 minutes)
More awareness needed on disease presentation and cultural treatment practices to improve dermatology outcomes in children with skin of colour (1,700…
Hypopigmentation may be the only symptom of skin conditions in darker skin, and can have a significant quality-of-life impact (1,700 words, 8 minutes)
Two accredited online programs will support front-line physicians (1,800 words, 9 minutes)
Making changes in cultural biases more important to equity than new rules (1,400 words, 7 minutes)
Common education on genetic causes and presentation of AD may not accurately reflect the reality in different skin types (1,300 words, 6 minutes)
Today's report also covers long-term efficacy and safety of risankizumab in PsA patients, secukinumab dosing in PsO patients, and more (1,500 words, 8…
A lack of knowledge among the public and physicians about the appearance of skin Ca in darker skin contributes to worse outcomes (1,500 words, 8…
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