More education, mentorship, and remote support are necessary for primary care practitioners supporting patients with skin infections (1,400 words, 7 minutes)
A small but growing body of research on skin conditions in Canada’s remote communities identifies health challenges and needed research directions…
Today’s report also covers secukinumab dose optimization, lack of reactivation of latent tuberculosis, and more (1,300 words, 8 minutes 5 seconds)
Examining the history of North American Indigenous treatments for common skin conditions (1,600 words, 8 minutes)
Little hard data exists on how common psoriasis may be in North American Indigenous populations, complicating care and policy (1,300 words, 6 minutes)
Poor access to medical care in Australian prisons has a negative impact on disproportionately incarcerated minorities (1,200 words, 6 minutes)
Socioeconomic and cultural factors may reduce fairness of care in teledermatology (1,070 words, 5 minutes)
Additional precautions should be taken to avoid pigment changes in dark skin, but microneedling appears to be safe and effective in this patient group…
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