The common cultural practice can cause scalp problems and should be avoided or limited to the hair shaft away from the scalp (1,085 words, 5.5 minutes)
Tips and recommendations for diagnosis where erythema is concealed (1,025 words, 5 minutes)
Dr. Ncoza Dlova detailed the continent's burden of HIV, as well as comorbidities and skin signs that should prompt HIV tests (1,202 words, 6 minutes)
Types of lesions and their locations on the body vary in different skin colour groups (888 words, 4.5 minutes)
The Aug. 21 virtual forum will explore important dermatologic issues in Fitzpatrick skin types V and VI (1,439 words, 7.5 minutes)
Many tools for managing keloids in Brown and Black skin exist, but prevention is still key (1,100 words, 5 minutes 30 seconds)
Topical Anesthetics for Aesthetic ProceduresListen now (10 min) | In this week’s episode of the Skin Spectrum Podcast, Dr. Julia Carroll, Dermatologist and Founder of Compass Dermatology, speaks …
Summer of Dialogue: Keloids - What Works?Listen now (15 min) | Dr. Yvette Miller-Monthrope and Dr. Vincent Richer talk discuss approaches for treating keloids on the fourth episode of the Summ…
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