Abnormal scars are common, painful, itchy in darker skin types. Several treatments are available, but clearance can be challenging (1,400 words, 7…
A lack of data and limitations on tools for measuring severity may be causing patients to go untreated (1,300 words, 6 minutes)
Here's a review of our three most popular issues from 2022 (1,600 words, 8 minutes)

December 2022

Review clarifies prevalence of skin conditions, barriers to effective care (1,500 words, 7 minutes)
Today's report also covers comorbidities in generalized pustular psoriasis patients, systemic treatments affecting new onset AD and psoriasis, and more…
New database is collecting images of dermatologic conditions in diverse skin tones to improve equity in outcomes for all Canadians (1,200 words, 6…

November 2022

Compilation of training resources and educational materials now available, with plans for further growth (1,300 words, 6 minutes)
Little data exists on HS in Arab and South Asian patients, despite its prevalence in those populations (1,400 words, 7 minutes)
More awareness needed on disease presentation and cultural treatment practices to improve dermatology outcomes in children with skin of colour (1,700…
Hypopigmentation may be the only symptom of skin conditions in darker skin, and can have a significant quality-of-life impact (1,700 words, 8 minutes)

October 2022

Two accredited online programs will support front-line physicians (1,800 words, 9 minutes)
Making changes in cultural biases more important to equity than new rules (1,400 words, 7 minutes)