Little hard data exists on how common psoriasis may be in North American Indigenous populations, complicating care and policy (1,300 words, 6 minutes)
Poor access to medical care in Australian prisons has a negative impact on disproportionately incarcerated minorities (1,200 words, 6 minutes)
Socioeconomic and cultural factors may reduce fairness of care in teledermatology (1,070 words, 5 minutes)
Additional precautions should be taken to avoid pigment changes in dark skin, but microneedling appears to be safe and effective in this patient group…
Today’s report also covers risk factors for Dx of psoriatic arthritis, the AMAGINE-2 and -3 trials, and more (1,400 words, 7 minutes 5 seconds)
Education on cultural matters will help dermatology residents treat people, not diseases (1,500 words, 7 minutes)
Reviewing and Reforming Dermatology EducationListen now (21 min) | Dr. Erin Dahlke and Gagandeep Singh discuss the lack of skin of colour images in dermatology education, approaches to making…
Automation meant to address access to care may compound inequalities if biases in source data are not addressed (1,500 words, 7 minutes)
Diagnostic signs key to diagnosing eczema in Black children are rare or unseen in White children (1,400 words, 7 minutes)
Studies show efforts to increase skin of colour representation in dermatology education materials and curricula are progressing, but more work is needed…
Store-and-forward technology allows access to expert dermatologic advice for remote communities and can aid primary care education (1,800 words, 9…
The university will support future research and education for skin of colour, through a corporate endowment (1,300 words, 6 minutes)