Sitemap - 2021 - Skin Spectrum Weekly

Melasma frequent in skin of colour

Diagnosing rosacea in darker skin

Racial/ethnic data on psoriasis lacking

Hidradenitis suppurativa more common, often more severe in skin of colour

Managing hormonal acne in patients with skin of colour

Dr. Renée Beach provides five tips for managing Afro-textured hair

Managing sickle-cell disease-driven leg ulcers

Photoaging a concern in all skin types

Balancing keloid risk in elective surgery

The need for good dermatology education on skin of colour

Technique key to avoiding pigment change when treating SKs

Cosmetic procedures viable in all skin types

Hair and scalp oils not recommended

Differential diagnosis of eczema and psoriasis in very dark skin

Challenges remain in HIV-associated dermatology in Africa

Awareness of variation in skin cancer presentation is vital

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Treatment of keloids remains challenging

Topical Anesthetics for Aesthetic Procedures

Summer of Dialogue: Keloids - What Works?

New therapies emerging for melasma treatment

Summer of Dialogue: Treating Melasma and Hyperpigmentation

The challenges of SJS/TEN in Black and Brown skin

Summer of Dialogue: Stevens-Johnson Syndrome - Ethnicity Matters

Managing acne-related hyperpigmentation in Black and Brown skin

Summer of Dialogue: Acne in Skin of Colour

Identifying rosacea in richly pigmented skin

Pediatric skin conditions in darker skin

Treatment-resistant melasma in darker skin

Skin Spectrum Podcast Preview Episode

Seborrheic dermatitis management with Afro-textured hair

Skin Spectrum Podcast Trailer

Skin conditions look different in darker skin

Managing acne inflammation to reduce inflammation-driven pigment change

Treating scalp psoriasis in women of African ancestry

Topical clindamycin-tretinoin as an effective Tx option for acne for all skin types

Distinguishing between the five main subtypes of psoriasis

Light patches on the trunk may turn out to be progressive macular hypomelanosis

Diagnostic dilemmas and treatment options for patients with Afro-textured hair

Genetic background may predispose patients to AD

Mitigate acne scarring by treating it immediately

Safe and effective aesthetic treatments for patients with skin of colour.

When brown patches are not melasma

In rosacea management, early Dx reduces morbidities

The many faces of psoriasis

Scleroderma has a similar presentation to vitiligo in patients with skin of colour

Treating traction alopecia for men who wear turbans

New agents and well-established therapies for treating AD

Anti-Black racism, healthcare, and dermatology

Acne management for all skin types

'Good, hard treatment' recommended for adult rosacea

Clearing of psoriasis plaques may not mean the end of treatment for patients with skin of colour