Sitemap - 2022 - Skin Spectrum Weekly

Inflammatory skin conditions in Indigenous children

Sustained resolution of nail psoriasis through five years with ixekizumab

Diverse Canadian derm image library under development

Cultural competency toolkit for derms

'Invisible visible minorities' in HS research

Cultural barriers to pediatric skin health

Managing pigment reduction and loss

New CME courses on melanoma in skin of colour

Decolonizing Canadian healthcare

Genetics, skin manifestations of AD in skin of colour

Factors that may determine super-response to guselkumab

Needed: More awareness of skin cancer in richly pigmented skin

Hidden impact of AD in skin of colour

Acanthosis nigricans, diabetic foot ulcer in Indigenous populations

Gaps in hyperpigmentation knowledge

Predictors of severity in paradoxical psoriasis from biologic therapies

Meeting the needs of patients with skin of colour

Managing diabetic foot ulcers remotely

Barriers to atopic disease care in the Northwest Territories

Systemic treatments in Canada’s remote communities

Skin and soft tissue infections in remote Canadian communities

SSTI research in Indigenous populations

Bimekizumab: Pooled results from Phase 2 and Phase 3 randomized clinical trials

Traditional medicines for skin conditions

Indigenous psoriasis prevalence unknown

Dermatology for incarcerated populations

Virtual care, equity and inclusion in dermatology

Microneedling in skin of colour

Association of Pso with incident VTE and PVD

Cultural competence in skin of colour

Reviewing and Reforming Dermatology Education

AI supported dermatology in skin of colour

Presentation of AD in Black children

Improving skin of colour representation in derm education

Teledermatology for remote communities

New chair in Ethnodermatology established at University of Toronto

Teledermatology for AD in Indigenous patients

Patient guidance on hyperpigmentation

Dermatology and HIV in Africa

Diabetic ulcers in Indigenous patients

Managing pressure injuries in skin of colour

Cosmeceutical alternatives to hydroquinone

Avoiding PIH after laser treatment

Cosmetic injections in Asian patients

Uncommon inflammatory conditions in dark skin

Cutaneous cancers in skin of colour

AD morphology in darker skin

Inflammation in pediatric skin of colour