Sitemap - 2023 - Skin Spectrum Weekly

Looking back at 2023, the year in skin health

Topical tretinoin may alter skin microbiome

Cosmetic fillers and Asian facial anatomy

Izokibep for the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis

Identifying top priorities for Canadian Indigenous skin health

Objective, colourimetric scale for assessing skin colour

3rd Indigenous Skin Spectrum Summit: A Preview

Identifying psoriasis in richly pigmented skin

Cultural competence in pediatric AD

Mental health consideration necessary for acne patients

Laser management of hair follicle inflammatory conditions

Diagnosing cancer in Black skin

Last week to register for Skin Spectrum Summit 2023

Treatment with upadacitinib in active psoriatic arthritis

Previewing the 9th annual Skin Spectrum Summit

Common link determined in scarring alopecia conditions

Improving educational representation with AI

TikTok filter not accurate for darker skin types

Efficacy and safety of TYK2/JAK1 inhibitor brepocitinib for active psoriatic arthritis

Laser hair removal for patients of colour

Screening alone can’t close skin cancer outcome gap

Twice-daily topical clascoterone safe, effective in ages 12 and older

There's room for more derms on TikTok

Racial disparities in CTCL

Skin cancer risks for skin of colour patients

Reflectance confocal microscopy shows promise for evaluating acne

Scalp psoriasis in Afro-textured hair

Use of systemic therapies for treatment of psoriasis in patients with a history of treated solid tumours

Promoting sun protective behaviour for people with darker skin tones

Choosing sunscreen for richly pigmented skin

Detachable microneedle delivery of triamcinolone acetonide

Ethnic variations in skin barrier function

Supporting inclusive research

Laser parameter selection in darker skin

Lichen planus pigmentosus and other pigmentary disorders

Efficacy and safety of deucravacitinib in Japanese patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis

AD Tx considerations in skin of colour

Recognizing disease presentation in richly pigmented skin

Topical biofilm-disruptor shows promise for acne Tx

Cultural practices may trigger AD flares

Early findings from SPARK mentorship program at University of Toronto

Vitiligo's stigma greater for patients with richly pigmented skin, says an expert

Skin cancer presentation in richly pigmented skin

More awareness, study recruitment needed for psoriasis in Black patients

Care needed in laser Tx of pigment disorders in dark skin

A controversy in Afro-textured hair: Saving 'edges' by preventing sweating

It's time to talk about atopic dermatitis in skin of colour

Telemedicine improves dermatology outcomes

Assessing Asian preferences in aesthetic injections

Beauty norms drive use of potentially toxic products

Keloids and their management

Psoriasis underdiagnosed in skin of colour

Looking back at the top three Skin Spectrum Weekly editions of 2022